On January 21, 1936, Donald R. Perreault took over the diner cart known as "Alicia's" at this location. The diner had only 9 stools at the time. The name was changed to "Don's Diner", the key was thrown away to remain open 24 hrs. a day, and a legacy began. 

Eleven months later, to the day Donald W. was born to the Perreaults who already had two daughters and Don's new venture as a business owner was beginning. 

Don worked hard establishing his business while working a second job and things went well for him. In 1940 to meet the growing demands for good food Don convinced the owners of many of the area businesses to allow him to deliver food to their employees for coffee breaks. He made the deliveries in his own car carrying the food into the factories in large baskets. Consequently, Don is believed to be the first in the east coast to begin such a catering service!

News traveled that Don's catering service was taking off and one day in the late 1940's a man approached Don to purchase his catering business. He and his brother-in-law had recently started Industrial Caterers in Boston, Mass. That man was the founder of Dunkin Donuts who sat in Don's living room as young Don looked on with awe. Fortunately, Don decided he was not ready to sell out. 

In October of 1958 after young Don finished a stint in the U.S. Army he joined his dad in the business. Later young Don, after having a daughter, had two sons, Don. Jr. and Perry and they like their Dad worked part-time after school and in the early 1980's came to work at the diner full-time each giving their all in order to keep the Don's Diner family legacy going. Grandpa Don at that point was ready to retire so in 1971 young Don took over the business and with the help of his sons, Don Jr and Perry they continued to work hard to keep their reputation in good standings. 

Now there is a fourth generation growing up anxiously waiting for the day they can do as their Dad, Uncle Donnie, and ancestors before them. Perry has 3 boys growing up becoming prepared for the future and maybe someday they will be joining the Don's Diner team.  

Today, Don's Diner is thriving and the Perreault family continues to uphold their reputation for good food that is served in a friendly atmosphere and to continue what their Grandfather so humbly began 80 years ago! 


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